Use and Share

Participate by using the cloud and share your experience and work environments.

We are looking for enthusiast and motivated people to test and use our cloud with all it’s functionality’s. We are particularly looking for people who have an interest and enthusiasm to help in the evolution of this project.¬†Everyone will have to provide proof of study and write a short document on what you want to run on the cloud. You will be asked to report and suggest solutions for issues or problems you encounter.


User requirements.

There are some requirements before we can approve any request for resources. It takes a lot of afford and time to build these environments therefore it is important that these are being used for there intended purposes.

  • You will need limited Linux knowledge / expierience
  • You will have to provide an academic / supervising contact person who can confirm the validity of your request
  • No online ‘hosting’ of any kind of services will be allowed