Project Info

Project goals.

Our goal is to help evolve and expand Computational Scientific Research. This by providing affordable resources and by giving researches a new set of tools to achieve there results. As the project is not yet funded we intent to start GSC as a none profit organization.

We believe that if a digital platform makes it easy to access, analyse and share any kind of scientific data, it will help a great deal in scientific progress in general. This is the main drive of the GSC project, to support and speed up progress in new ways of doing scientific research. New ways to deploy pre-configured custom software environments without lots of hard configuration work. At the same time have it available to share and let colleagues interact with the click of a button. Both for the individual student as for a scientific research program.


Where are we now.

The project is in a start-up phase. We are finishing up the first Proof Of Concept environment to go ‘online’ for a handful of enthusiastic student researchers. This Proof Of Concept setup will help finalize the final whitepaper. It is the goal to show the potential of the market and lessons already learned on a technical level.